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"I started the Nulean diet in January of 2015. I’d been over weight most of my life and I decided that I had nothing to lose except fat (hopefully)! I was 62 years old and worried about my health. It turned out be the BEST diet I ever tried and then SUCCEEDED!! I lost 70 lbs. in about one year!! It wasn’t easy. As with any good diet, it doesn’t promise the world overnight. But if you commit yourself and follow the directions. You will lose weight! Good Luck!!" -- John K.

"Hello, my name is Kathy. When I turned 40 years old my metabolism slowed down a great deal. Due to the decreased metabolism and a knee injury, my sedentary lifestyle caused me to put on extra weight. Feeling sluggish and lacking energy were things that also accompanied the added weight gain. When I decided to do the Nu Lean weight loss program, my biggest struggle was sugar cravings. Within three weeks of doing the program, I lost 21 pounds, and my cravings completely went away. My energy level skyrocketed, and waistline shrunk. Nu Lean has changed my life. I lost a total of 40 pounds on the Nu Lean cleanse and went from a size 14 to a size six. Having kept the weight off for 18 months now, I know what it takes to maintain my size. Eating healthy is the key for me, and drinking the protein shakes for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. It is such a confidence boost to go shopping for clothes now, everything fits and looks good on me." -- Kathy R.

"I started the Nulean diet program 2 years ago after returning from a trip to Hawaii and seeing the pictures of myself. I started putting on weight after I turned 50. It was now 20 or so pounds later and I needed to change something. But I wanted a diet program that was good for me and also would have long lasting results. Not easya to find. Nulean allowed me to lose 18# in 6 weeks and 2 years later I’m still at that weight. About twice a year I do a cleanse again if I start putting on a little weight but then I good to go as long as I try to eat fairly well and not cheat. I recently did the BodyLight Lipolaser and lost about 1-2 inches from my stomach area. The one area I can’t lose. I’m sold on both the Nulean Program and the BodyLight lipolaser. It isn’t easy but also far from hard. If you give it a fair try results come fast and are long lasting if you do it as recommended. " -- Dr. Alan

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